New Arrival! Jacklin customizable Sofa & Sectional!

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We are SO excited it has arrived! Our new Jackiln Sofa & King Chair. I’m just in love with the lines of this frame.  It’s clean, sleak and has all the characteristics that make contemporary furniture contemporary.  The king chair also makes a nice addition to your living room if you’re a little limited on space but want to optimize seating.  It fits two comfortably. Great for cuddling! The Jacklin is also completely customizable, meaning you can change the fabric, change the configuration, order it in a sectional with a chaise or just as a sofa & loveseat.  And with this manufacturer, you can even ask them to cut the frame to specific dimensions.  So if you have awkward spaces or incredibly small dimensions, they can make your sofa the perfect size for you! Tons of options with this guy. I think we’re in love! Come check it out!


Simmons 365 Comfort Guarantee

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There’s no doubt buying a mattress is a big decision! The quality of sleep we get affects so much of our entire life and if we don’t have a good mattress we aren’t getting a good nights rest.  That’s why the Simmons 365 Day Confidence Guarantee, which applies to their entire ComforPedic mattress models, is so great! Not only are mattresses often a large financial purchase but you want to make sure you get the right mattress for your body and sleeping preferences.  Basically if you aren’t getting a good nights sleep on your new ComforPedic mattress you can bring it back to our showroom to exchange for any other Simmons mattress.  You must sleep on the mattress for  a minimum of 60 nights and bring it back within 365 days of your original purchase. Easy peasy! If you can’t get the mattress back to us you can opt to pay a $69 swap out fee when you select your new mattress.  It’s nice to know someone’s concerned about your sleep.

Simmons Beautyrest Blacks Recharge Sleep System – is it worth $6k for a mattress?

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I can definitely relate if you get a little sticker shock from the price tag of a mattress that says $5995 for a Queen.  I probably felt the same way when I first saw the mattress I bought years ago for $995. However as I’ve learned more and more about the mattress industry and how different a quality mattress is from a cheap one, the more I understand why people say, “You just can’t put a price on getting a good night’s sleep.”  A mattress truly can change your life and after hearing the stories of our customers who’ve experienced it I totally believe it! So why does the Simmons Beautyrest Black grand mattress of them all the Black Beyond “Susan” cost $5995 and is it worth it?

So here’s what I’ve learned about Beautyrest Blacks.  First they contain the Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Sleep System.  In real people terms it basically means these beds, give you those fabulous nights rest where you wake up feeling completely recharged and amped for the day.  The Recharge Sleep System has three components to it.  1.) AirCool Memory Foam – this gives you freedom of movement and conformability 2.) Independent Support Technology – this is your support system with personalized back support 3.) AirCool design – this is what keeps you cool when you sleep.

In addition, there are 4 components that make a Beautyrest Black the luxury bed of all luxury beds and the finest Beautyrest you can get.  1.) AirCool Mesh Border – this makes your bed the ideal sleeping temperature with 20x better airflow 2.) AirCool BeautyEdge Support – gives your mattress the durability to last 20 years and full range of sleeping surface 3.) Quilted Geltouch Foam – this is the industry’s first quilted gel and it gives you the support you need for proper sleeping posture while still keeping you cool 4.) Euro Cool Foam (Simmons Exclusive) – more support at an ideal temperature.  Plus the coil in the Beautyrest Black’s are so strong you can probably park a car on them!

With all that said, the best way for you to really know whether or not the mattress is worth it for you is to come and try it for yourself! In our San Diego showroom we have the largest Simmon’s Beautyrest in town and the most Beautyrest Blacks for you to try.

Design Inspiration…..Red Living Rooms

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Lately we’ve had quite a few customers come in with a red white & black living room themed designs in their minds. Personally I am a huge fan of this color scheme.  I love the muted softness of the white contrasted with the intense accents of black & red.  The color red has often been associated with passion, intensity and love.  Rooms that are filled with red typically represent people that are warm and cheery and incredibly energetic. When I think of red I think of my favorite red dress I like to put on when I’m feeling a little daring! Red always draws attention! So we scoured the internet to find some of our favorite red living rooms and posted them here.  We also found a few red living room don’ts. If used wrong or disproportionately, red living rooms can also be harsh.  How would you use red in your living room?

Red Living Room Do’s!
Contemporary red Living Room

Red Accent Contemporary Living Rooms

Modern Red Living Rooms

Soft Red Living Room

Red Living Room Dont’s!

Using red in all the wrong ways and wrong places.  Note to self, if my carpet is red, don’t paint my wall red too!

 Ugly Red Living Room
Ugly red kitchen

ugly kitchen

Design Inspiration…Decorative Accent Pieces

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Here’s a little design inspiration for our furniture friends on this glorious spring day! With the clearing of the winter weather we thought we’d share a little inspiration from some modern accent pieces that get us into a spring mood.  Adding colorful accent pieces to a room can do wonders in adding energy and life into your space!

Zuo Modern Accent Pieces

Modern Home Accents

White Accent Piece

Silver Modern Accent Pieces

Extended Furniture Warranty Plans…is it Worth the Money?

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Furniture Warranty PlansThis is one question we get from our customers all the time asking whether or not truthfully extended furniture warranty plans are worth the money.  In our opinion the value you may get from a warranty plan is going to be different for everyone but always worth the investment… if you’re looking at your furniture as an investment.  If  it’s furniture you only want for 6 months to a year or so then maybe it’s not that big of a deal for you but if you hope to keep the $1,500 sectional you just  bought for years, then spending a couple hundred on a warranty plan is well worth it.  I will caveat this by saying as long as the retailer you are working with sells the warranty within reason.  I’ve seen some warranty plans run $600 – $800 which I think is too much.  Our 5 year plans start at $199 so if you think about the cost per day you’re actually spending for peace of mind it’s cents on the day.

So what do these plans cover?
Over the years we’ve used a couple warranty companies and each has has their pluses and minuses.  Almost all plans cover stains, rips, tears, burns and spills. Some plans have a 5 day notification period which just means if your daughter spills her grape juice all over your new sectional, you must call the warranty company within 5 days to report the claim.  Some plans have a 15 day policy upon noticing. They do not care when the accident happened as long as you report it within 15 days of noticing the accident, so no matter what, you noticed the stain within the last 15 days.  Some companies also require you to know what the stain actually is so make sure you say something other than ” I don’t know”.

What won’t they cover?
The one thing we’ve never found any warranty to cover is pet claws and jaws.  If your pets vomit or urinate on your sofa however, they will cover that but chewing or scratching won’t be covered.  If Sparky decides to try to bury a bone in your couch, the warranty companies will not accept it but if your child accidentally takes a screw driver to you sofa than that would covered.  As a general rule, just don’t bring up your pet.

Also, most companies generally do not cover accumulated stains.  Therefore, make sure you notice each time a stain happens and report each incident separately.

What happens when I have a claim?
Most all companies to start will send out a cleaning kit to start and walk you through the process of cleaning your stain.  If that doesn’t help, they will then send out a tech.  The tech will come to clean, repair or replace whatever has been damaged or stained.  Some companies will only replace a damaged piece once some will replace them multiple times.  Always always always read the details of your plan to know what is and what is not covered.  And make sure you save your receipt and your warranty information.  We’ve told customers sometimes to tape copy of your registration and copy of your receipt to the bottom of your furniture.  That way you know where to look when something happens.

All in all,we’ve had enough incidents occur at Real Deal where either a customer was super happy they bought the warranty plan because their dog peed on their sofa the day after they got it or super bummed because they didn’t and they took a knife to the cushion opening unwrapping a sofa that we always recommend it. Just think, one accident happening without a warranty could result in a tech charging $200-$300 just to look at the damage. So we always tell our customers, it’s nice to have the piece of mind in case anything happens for cents on a day. If you have any other questions or concerns about furniture warranty plans and if they are really worth it, feel free to comment or contact us directly.

Aluminum vs. Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

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Powdered Coated Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture - Darlee

Powdered Coated Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture - Affordable - DarleeWith patio season almost here, it’s time to start thinking about your patio furniture and of course your kick-off to summer BBQ bash! We also know buying patio furniture can be a daunting task, with so many options and wanting patio furniture that lasts, how do you choose? Hopefully we can provide a few tips to help you decide what kind of patio furniture works for you and your budget. Today we are discussing aluminum vs. wrought iron patio furniture.

Aluminum Patio Furniture:

Pros: Rust resistant and relatively lightweight and incredibly durable. (Higher quality aluminum is heavier in weight.)
Types: Tubular, Cast and Wrought Aluminum.
Tubular – Most aluminum furniture is made from hollow tubing, often with internal reinforcing ribs for added strength. The tubing is cut and bent to form the elements of the furniture frame, which are then welded or bolted together by skilled craftsmen. Tubular aluminum is frequently the material of choice for contemporary styling. Over the last few years, finish options in metal furniture have become quite exciting. There are finishes which mimic verdigris, pewter and stone. There are smooth, gleaming finishes, textured matte finishes, single tone finishes, and some with a melange of colors. Not just good-lookers, these finishes are tough. They become a plastic skin that virtually bonds to the aluminum. They will not chip, peel or crack, and are six times thicker than paint, making them highly resistant to weather.
Cast Aluminum – Cast aluminum is usually investment furniture. Distinctive and elegant, it features classic designs with roots in the cast-iron stylings of the 18th century.This furniture is produced by pouring molten aluminum into molds and then allowing it to cool. The prototype for each casting mold is hand carved, permitting elaborate detailing. Cast aluminum is undeniably handsome and elegant. While its beauty is striking, its demeanor is classic and understated. Furniture of cast aluminum is often so exquisitely detailed that it seems to have come from a museum. But, like tubular aluminum, it is also amazingly durable and easy to maintain. Quality cast-aluminum furniture can be costly and is not for the family that craves a new look every few seasons.
Wrought Iron – Wrought aluminum marries the centuries-old craft of hand forging to the high tech performance of aluminum. Though wrought aluminum cannot duplicate the more intricate wrought-iron stylings, some believe that it represents the ideal wedding of art and technology. With wrought aluminum, you can enjoy the traditional elegance of a wrought-iron look in a material that is lightweight, low maintenance and rustproof.

Wrought Iron Patio Furniture:
Pros: Heavy, durable, with graceful, flowing designs. (however iron will rust & oxidize over time).  Available in handsome designs ranging from contemporary to traditional, iron furniture is so durable that it frequently outlasts its owners. However, if it has not been properly coated by the manufacturer and maintained by the consumer – no ifs, ands or buts – it will rust.
Types: Wrought Iron & Cast Iron
Wrought Iron – Classic wrought-iron styling with its appealing curves and elegant design is hotter than ever. Originally hand-made (wrought) by blacksmiths, wrought-iron furniture is constructed from solid half-inch round bars formed into timeless designs – simple or ornate, the choice is yours.
Cast Iron – Cast iron is the essence of romance and nostalgia. Heavy and ornate, it is often identified with the South. Weighing three times more than an identical piece in cast aluminum, cast iron is popular for public areas because it weighs too much to be easily pilfered.

At Real Deal Furniture our metal patio furniture is primarily powdered coated cast aluminum.  Taking all the pros and characteristics of cast aluminum there is also an added layer of baked on powder to prolong the life of your patio furniture and ensure it’s ability to withstand the harshness of all weather conditions.  Come check them out in our San Diego showroom!