Talalay Latex vs. Dunlop Latex Mattress

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Talalay Latex Matttressphoto credit: Pure Latex Bliss

Here’s a question we hear a lot….what is the difference between Talalay Latex & Dunlop Latex when purchasing a latex mattress?  So we figured we would blog about it because there are actually some major differences.

The biggest difference is the process in which they are manufactured.  Talalay Latex takes about 14 hours to process while Dunlop can be made in less than an hour.  If you think about it, that is a huge difference?  That is like taking an hour to write an essay vs. an entire day and into the night, or grabbing coffee with a friend for an hour or spending the entire day together.  You know the quality you are creating will be a lot less in that hour vs. the entire day.

So then what does this mean for you?

1.) Breath-ability- Talalay Latex is about 4 times more breathable than Dunlop. Talalay latex has a large cell structure whereas Dunlop has a smaller and more dense cell structure.  This also makes Dunlop latex much more firm.

2.) Pressure Relief – Talalay Latex provides about 33% more pressure relief than Dunlop. Why is this? That’s because the process in which the Talalay is poured makes it more flexible and therefore conform to your body to provide more pressure relief when you need it. The Dunlop latex is a lot less flexible.

3.) Durability – Talalay latex is about 3 times more resilient than Dunlop.  Talaly latex has a round cell structure which does not break down whereas the snowflake cell structure of the Dunlop latex  does break down.

4.) Consistency – What feel at the top of a Talalay Latex mattress is exactly what you will feel at the bottom of the mattress.  This is not always the case when it comes to a Dunlop mattress.  This is due to a flash freezing process that is done in the Talalay latex that is not done with Dunlop.  This flash freezing prevents the particles from settling after the during.

5.) Cleaner – the Talalay Latex can wash out more proteins than Dunlop.  This goes back to the 1 hour vs. 14, Talalay latex is rinsed 5 times where Dunlop is only rinsed once.  The proteins in latex is the true cause of a latex allergy.

6.) Support – Talalay latex will offer support in addition to pressure relief whereas Dunlop primarily only offers pressure relief.

But one benefit for Dunlop would be that it is often more cost effective. We hope this helps in your research of which mattress is best for you.


How to find the best coffee table?

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Have you ever seen a large comfy sofa paired with a delicate dainty coffee table?  It’s just not quite right.  Or a coffee table so tall it covers half of the sofa?  When picking a coffee table with your sofa or sectional, there are just a few helpful tips to keep in mind.

1.) Generally, you coffee table should be about 2/3 the length of the sofa
2.) A regular coffee table height should be about 16-18 inches.  Keep in mind if you entertain regularly it might be helpful to have a higher coffee table so your guests will have an easier time setting down drinks.  However, make sure your coffee table is about the same height or about 1 to 2 inches lower than the seat height of your sofa. So if you have a higher sofa, 20-21 inches in height, your coffee table will be a little higher.
3.) Most importantly, keep your coffee table & sofa to scale, meaning your furniture should be of equal weight and size.

Poor Pairing


Good Pairing


Helpful Space Planning Tips

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One of the hardest things do figure out when purchasing furniture is determining whether the furniture you are buying will fit in your home.  So we created a helpful guide to all the tricks of space planning.  You can print the pics out and use them on your next furniture purchasing excursion.

This is a great guide for seating arrangements from Honey & Fitz

Our takeaways from this diagram.

1.) A table for 8 needs to be at least 6ft long
2.) A table for 10 needs to be at least 8ft long
3.) And you need a pretty big dining room to get a table for 12

Need an new area rug for your dining room?  Here’s a great guide from DecorMentor

She notes in her blog:

1.) 8-16″ of hardwood around the edges is optimal
2.) Make sure at least the front legs of your sofa is on the the rug and when possible all the legs for a more pulled together look

Area rug for your living room?  Here’s a Best, Better, Bad drawing again from DecorMentor.


Creative Headboards

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I’ve rolled over and succumbed to the love of Pinterest….yup I am obsessed.  How did they get so many fabulous ideas in one place! I seriously spend hours there!  Recently I came across some of the most creative headboard ideas I’d ever seen and I just HAD to share! Most of them look totally DIY and scream way more personality than your more traditional styles.


Credit: The Fancy Things

Credit: Desigual


Credit: Bees Knees Bungalow


Credit: Clippings


Credit: BHG

Credit: BHG

Credit: BHG


Credit: BHG

See more of our creative furniture ideas on our Pinterest Board!


How to arrange outdoor & patio furniture

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how to arrange patio furniture, outdoor furniture, how to design your patio
Living in San Diego, we are so spoiled by our beautiful weather and the amount of time we can spend outside.  I know some people that probably spend more time outdoors than they do indoors and with a well designed patio  and the San Diego sunshine, who can blame them? Here are some tips to arranging your patio or outdoor furniture.

1.) There’s always a lot of traffic on patios. Make sure you keep your furniture away from all doorways and walkways. General rule is to keep your furniture about 6 feet away from all doorways.

2.) Make sure when measuring your space you consider patio furniture that you need to keep in the shade or under a covered area

3.) Set your longest piece of furniture against the longest wall or railing. This will make arranging the other pieces easier

4.) Place additional pieces closer to your longest piece to promote conversational areas

5.) Remember to place your small tables and accent pieces next to your seating for places to set drinks and snacks down.

6.) Make sure you remember to accessorize your space.  Add lighting, maybe an area rug, a couple pieces of artwork, or pillows to make your space come together.

7.) Keep the area around your BBQ free of furniture.  This will help keep children and guests safer.


Simmons 365 Comfort Guarantee

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There’s no doubt buying a mattress is a big decision! The quality of sleep we get affects so much of our entire life and if we don’t have a good mattress we aren’t getting a good nights rest.  That’s why the Simmons 365 Day Confidence Guarantee, which applies to their entire ComforPedic mattress models, is so great! Not only are mattresses often a large financial purchase but you want to make sure you get the right mattress for your body and sleeping preferences.  Basically if you aren’t getting a good nights sleep on your new ComforPedic mattress you can bring it back to our showroom to exchange for any other Simmons mattress.  You must sleep on the mattress for  a minimum of 60 nights and bring it back within 365 days of your original purchase. Easy peasy! If you can’t get the mattress back to us you can opt to pay a $69 swap out fee when you select your new mattress.  It’s nice to know someone’s concerned about your sleep.

Design Inspiration…..Red Living Rooms

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Lately we’ve had quite a few customers come in with a red white & black living room themed designs in their minds. Personally I am a huge fan of this color scheme.  I love the muted softness of the white contrasted with the intense accents of black & red.  The color red has often been associated with passion, intensity and love.  Rooms that are filled with red typically represent people that are warm and cheery and incredibly energetic. When I think of red I think of my favorite red dress I like to put on when I’m feeling a little daring! Red always draws attention! So we scoured the internet to find some of our favorite red living rooms and posted them here.  We also found a few red living room don’ts. If used wrong or disproportionately, red living rooms can also be harsh.  How would you use red in your living room?

Red Living Room Do’s!
Contemporary red Living Room

Red Accent Contemporary Living Rooms

Modern Red Living Rooms

Soft Red Living Room

Red Living Room Dont’s!

Using red in all the wrong ways and wrong places.  Note to self, if my carpet is red, don’t paint my wall red too!

 Ugly Red Living Room
Ugly red kitchen

ugly kitchen

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