Our five favorite contemporary sofas

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What makes a sofa contemporary? Clean lines and lack of frill and ornamentation are classic tell tale signs of a contemporary sofa.  Simple and clean, we’ve seen this style become more and more popular.  Here are our 5 favorite classic contemporary sofas that people always just seem to love!

1.) Michael Sofa/ Sectional – we love how clean the bench seats and thin cushions make this frame. Super plush seating also makes this frame a double threat, pretty & comfortable.

Contemporary Sofa & Sectional - Michael

2.) The Retro Sofa/ Sectional – sleek and small in frame and only measuring 100 inches as a sectional, the Retro is perfect for tiny San Diego apartment living.  Button tufted seat and back cushions also add classic style to this frame.


3.) Sofia Sofa/ Sectional – the most elegant part of this frame are the arms.  Thin and curved arms make the Sofia the epitome of contemporary elegance. Completely customize-able the Sofia can come in any color, texture & configuration you can dream of.

Sofia4.) Brookshire Sofa/ Sectional – can we just say ahhhhhh! This sofa/ sectional is the ultimate in relaxation.


5.) Belle Sofa/ Sectional with NailHead Trim – classic beauty & clean lines are combined in this super comfy sofa/ sectional, appropriately named the Belle.

Belle Sectional1Which one is your favorite?


New Arrival! Jacklin customizable Sofa & Sectional!

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We are SO excited it has arrived! Our new Jackiln Sofa & King Chair. I’m just in love with the lines of this frame.  It’s clean, sleak and has all the characteristics that make contemporary furniture contemporary.  The king chair also makes a nice addition to your living room if you’re a little limited on space but want to optimize seating.  It fits two comfortably. Great for cuddling! The Jacklin is also completely customizable, meaning you can change the fabric, change the configuration, order it in a sectional with a chaise or just as a sofa & loveseat.  And with this manufacturer, you can even ask them to cut the frame to specific dimensions.  So if you have awkward spaces or incredibly small dimensions, they can make your sofa the perfect size for you! Tons of options with this guy. I think we’re in love! Come check it out!

Simmons 365 Comfort Guarantee

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There’s no doubt buying a mattress is a big decision! The quality of sleep we get affects so much of our entire life and if we don’t have a good mattress we aren’t getting a good nights rest.  That’s why the Simmons 365 Day Confidence Guarantee, which applies to their entire ComforPedic mattress models, is so great! Not only are mattresses often a large financial purchase but you want to make sure you get the right mattress for your body and sleeping preferences.  Basically if you aren’t getting a good nights sleep on your new ComforPedic mattress you can bring it back to our showroom to exchange for any other Simmons mattress.  You must sleep on the mattress for  a minimum of 60 nights and bring it back within 365 days of your original purchase. Easy peasy! If you can’t get the mattress back to us you can opt to pay a $69 swap out fee when you select your new mattress.  It’s nice to know someone’s concerned about your sleep.

Simmons Beautyrest Blacks Recharge Sleep System – is it worth $6k for a mattress?

May 4, 2012 § 1 Comment


I can definitely relate if you get a little sticker shock from the price tag of a mattress that says $5995 for a Queen.  I probably felt the same way when I first saw the mattress I bought years ago for $995. However as I’ve learned more and more about the mattress industry and how different a quality mattress is from a cheap one, the more I understand why people say, “You just can’t put a price on getting a good night’s sleep.”  A mattress truly can change your life and after hearing the stories of our customers who’ve experienced it I totally believe it! So why does the Simmons Beautyrest Black grand mattress of them all the Black Beyond “Susan” cost $5995 and is it worth it?

So here’s what I’ve learned about Beautyrest Blacks.  First they contain the Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Sleep System.  In real people terms it basically means these beds, give you those fabulous nights rest where you wake up feeling completely recharged and amped for the day.  The Recharge Sleep System has three components to it.  1.) AirCool Memory Foam – this gives you freedom of movement and conformability 2.) Independent Support Technology – this is your support system with personalized back support 3.) AirCool design – this is what keeps you cool when you sleep.

In addition, there are 4 components that make a Beautyrest Black the luxury bed of all luxury beds and the finest Beautyrest you can get.  1.) AirCool Mesh Border – this makes your bed the ideal sleeping temperature with 20x better airflow 2.) AirCool BeautyEdge Support – gives your mattress the durability to last 20 years and full range of sleeping surface 3.) Quilted Geltouch Foam – this is the industry’s first quilted gel and it gives you the support you need for proper sleeping posture while still keeping you cool 4.) Euro Cool Foam (Simmons Exclusive) – more support at an ideal temperature.  Plus the coil in the Beautyrest Black’s are so strong you can probably park a car on them!

With all that said, the best way for you to really know whether or not the mattress is worth it for you is to come and try it for yourself! In our San Diego showroom we have the largest Simmon’s Beautyrest in town and the most Beautyrest Blacks for you to try.

Design Inspiration…Decorative Accent Pieces

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Here’s a little design inspiration for our furniture friends on this glorious spring day! With the clearing of the winter weather we thought we’d share a little inspiration from some modern accent pieces that get us into a spring mood.  Adding colorful accent pieces to a room can do wonders in adding energy and life into your space!

Zuo Modern Accent Pieces

Modern Home Accents

White Accent Piece

Silver Modern Accent Pieces

Futons San Diego – Perfect for Small Spaces

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If there’s one thing I’ve found to be pretty common in San Diego apartments and condos….they are small.  Price we pay for living in San Diego and getting the beautiful weather that we do.  It’s a good thing they’ve made furniture pieces designed specifically in mind for small spaces, like futons, futon beds, and futon cushions.  Here’s a look at some of the futons and sofa convertibles we carry.  Helping those of us that live in small spaces make the most of our space.


Enso Mattresses – Green & Natural Memory Foam Mattress

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With our entire society moving faster into embracing a greener world and way to living, we were pretty stoked when we found Enso sleep systems offering a  greener healthier twist on memory foam mattresses.  Enso mattresses uses natural technologies and processes to make their mattresses, foundations and pillows.

Enso Green Mattress Technologies:

1. Active Charcoal – filters harmful chemicals in manufacturing process and reduces odors.  Charcoal is a natural drying agent and helps fight mold & mildew
2. Aloe Vera – Promotes calmness and creates freshness in the memory foam mattress. It also promotes healthy skin.
3. Mineral Water – The Enso memory foam is washed with mineral water to reduce odors naturally.  When they wash the foam it also serves to reduce harmful chemicals and gases that could cause health risks.
4. APR Foam – Airflow pressure relief foam helps reduce pressure on the body
5. Negative Ion – helps to neutralize harmful allergens, pollen and airborne particles.
6. Bamboo – all Enso mattresses are made with natural Bamboo which helps reduce the transfer of body heat for a cooler sleep and increases the durability of your mattress.
7. Silver Technology – since Silver has been known to kill harmful bacteria and dust mites and is deterrent to bed bugs, silver is infused into the foam pouring process and will not rub off, wash off or wear off.

Our personal take:
I wasn’t lying when I said I was stoked we brought in a greener more natural mattress.   On our showroom floor we show the 10″ Dreamweaver and the 11.5″ Swan mattresses from the Enso line.  We like that they don’t feel as heavy as the traditional Visco memory foam mattress.  They actually use a lower density foam which causes a lighter feel in the mattress.  The 11.5″ Swan Mattress is actually a mattress that features a 300 thread count duvet cover, a mixture of baffled memory foam clusters.  It feels like you are sleeping on little pockets of memory foam since you technically are.  I think it’s a feel you would have to get used but would love overtime.

Make sure you come to check them out so you can judge it for yourself. 😉

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