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I’ve rolled over and succumbed to the love of Pinterest….yup I am obsessed.  How did they get so many fabulous ideas in one place! I seriously spend hours there!  Recently I came across some of the most creative headboard ideas I’d ever seen and I just HAD to share! Most of them look totally DIY and scream way more personality than your more traditional styles.


Credit: The Fancy Things

Credit: Desigual


Credit: Bees Knees Bungalow


Credit: Clippings


Credit: BHG

Credit: BHG

Credit: BHG


Credit: BHG

See more of our creative furniture ideas on our Pinterest Board!



2012 Design Trends….on a budget.

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With each turn of a new year, I always get a little antsy and want to change things up in my home.  I think I’ve always been this way.  Even when I was little I loved to re-arrange my room every couple of months.  I just loved the excitement of change.  These days my energy levels aren’t as high as they were when I was kid and instead of re-arranging which requires massive amount of energy I try incorporate other design changes. Designing doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  Sometimes just a little pop of color in an accent chair or a new art piece or rug can really change the look and feel of your space.  Here are some of 2012’s hottest design trends… can get on a budget.

1. Over-sized Florals – incorporate pops of color and design with over-sized floral patterns.  This can be in a painting, some throw pillows or even an inexpensive shower curtain.2012 Design Trend Oversized Florals

2. Confident Colors – be confident in adding pops of color to your space.  Go bold or go home! 😉 Accent chairs in big beautiful colors can add tons of character Good thing you can get those starting $149.

2012 Design Trend Turquoise Accent Chair

3. Naturals – linens give a beautiful clean and fresh feel.  Adding a light linen lamp accents and adds a light touch of warmth to any end or side table.

2012 Design Trend Linen Lamp

4. New Najavo – if a full patterned rug is out of your comfort zone adding a smaller wall covering can really brighten up a space.

2012 Design Trend New Navajo

5. Warm Metals – Brass is a beautiful substitute to gold without all the flash. A small accent table can really add a touch of style and class.

2012 Design Trend Natural Metals

6. Metallic Bowls – If an entire piece in brass, gold or silver is a little much, try adding a little sparkle and sheen with decorative metallic bowls.

2012 Design Trend Metallic Bowls

7. Foundry – Add a touch of the industrial to get an edgy trendy look.  Great as accent pieces above a shelf or over the mantel or as occasional cocktail and coffee tables.

2012 Design Trends Industrial Furniture


Remember, if you ever need us to find something for you. We can always try!


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Our Favorite Fun Furniture of 2011….WTFurniture?!

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We loved finding new and unusual and of course creative ways people have made furniture fun.  Here are our top 11 picks for 2011!


Modern Sofa – Coolest Sofa I’ve Ever Seen!

January 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Here’s a little design inspiration for you guys! In our weekly WTFUrniture?! findings I stumbled across this amazing magnetic sofa that I think is the coolest sofa that is also a modern sofa I’ve ever seen! It’s called the Magnetic Floating Cloud Sofa.  The magnetic field supports the seating and keeps the seating. Crazy! How about that for innovative!

Modern Cool Sofa

Coolest Sofa - Modern Design Sofa

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Tips & Tricks for Small Spaces

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Sometimes I wonder why I live in San Diego just because the spaces are small.  But then all I need is a weekend away in Portland, where it’s gray, cloudy & rainy EVERY single day to remember why I love it here so much…..sorry Grace….I probably won’t move soon. 🙂 So while I’m pretty much stuck here because I love the sun I figured I better learn some tips & tricks to makes making my tiny little apartment feel & look much bigger.

Tip 1: If you’re putting curtains over your windows, extend the rod slightly outside the frame of the window.  Using sheer drapes also let more light int which will automatically increase the feel of your room.

small space design

Tip 2: Mirrors have always been a tried & true way to open up space.  Creating reflections help increase depth.  I love this over sized leaning mirror.  It not only creates a reflection but it also serves as the space’s focal point.apartment furniture


Tip 3: People often think pushing all your furniture to the walls makes the room look bigger when it fact it actually makes it feel colder.  Try centering your furniture & arranging them at angles. Triangle shapes tend to invite conversation.

arranging furniture san diego

Check out our website or like us on facebook for flexible furniture for small spaces.

Instant Makeover…..How a Rug Can Completely Transform a Space!

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It’s kind of sad how under-appreciated, overlooked & neglected an area rug often is in the whole furniture buying process  and how powerful of an impact it can have on the overall look and feel of a room. There isn’t an simpler, cheaper and easier to fix way to bring some bold colors and patterns into your space.  The area rugs here completely transform the space, adding color, pizzaz, drama and everything else you need to make your space pop! Come check out all our area rugs in our San Diego showroom and let us help make your space feel like your prefect home!

discount area rugs, area rug stores, cheap area rugs

Use area rugs to tie together multiple colors

cheap area rugs, discount area rugs, area rug stores

Use area rugs to make large rooms feel a cozier and warmer


Cheap area rugs, discount area rugs, area rug stores

Use area rugs to add bold pops of color

discount area rugs, area rug stores, cheap area rugs

Use area rugs to warm up your floor

discount area rug, cheap area rugs, area rug stores

Use area rugs to create different and unique focal points

Purple Passion!

September 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

I love how Alice Walker said, “I think it pisses God off when you by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it”.  So true!!! If you’re using purple you’re making a statement! The color purple is comforting, spiritual, mysterious, restful, creative, & artistic and can work just about anywhere! Unlike most other colors we can design our homes with, purple has the ability to be cool and warm depending on the other colors it’s combined with.

It’s said purple encourages imagination and can draw out the creative in all of us!In the kitchen, purple used is often associated with wine and grapes, and accentuates an Italian themed kitchen design. I love the contrast of the plum chairs and white dining table. Gorgeous!
Purple Dining Room
Purple Elegant BedroomPurple kids bedroom

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