Helpful Space Planning Tips

November 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

One of the hardest things do figure out when purchasing furniture is determining whether the furniture you are buying will fit in your home.  So we created a helpful guide to all the tricks of space planning.  You can print the pics out and use them on your next furniture purchasing excursion.

This is a great guide for seating arrangements from Honey & Fitz

Our takeaways from this diagram.

1.) A table for 8 needs to be at least 6ft long
2.) A table for 10 needs to be at least 8ft long
3.) And you need a pretty big dining room to get a table for 12

Need an new area rug for your dining room?  Here’s a great guide from DecorMentor

She notes in her blog:

1.) 8-16″ of hardwood around the edges is optimal
2.) Make sure at least the front legs of your sofa is on the the rug and when possible all the legs for a more pulled together look

Area rug for your living room?  Here’s a Best, Better, Bad drawing again from DecorMentor.



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