Design Inspiration…..Red Living Rooms

April 2, 2012 § 2 Comments

Lately we’ve had quite a few customers come in with a red white & black living room themed designs in their minds. Personally I am a huge fan of this color scheme.  I love the muted softness of the white contrasted with the intense accents of black & red.  The color red has often been associated with passion, intensity and love.  Rooms that are filled with red typically represent people that are warm and cheery and incredibly energetic. When I think of red I think of my favorite red dress I like to put on when I’m feeling a little daring! Red always draws attention! So we scoured the internet to find some of our favorite red living rooms and posted them here.  We also found a few red living room don’ts. If used wrong or disproportionately, red living rooms can also be harsh.  How would you use red in your living room?

Red Living Room Do’s!
Contemporary red Living Room

Red Accent Contemporary Living Rooms

Modern Red Living Rooms

Soft Red Living Room

Red Living Room Dont’s!

Using red in all the wrong ways and wrong places.  Note to self, if my carpet is red, don’t paint my wall red too!

 Ugly Red Living Room
Ugly red kitchen

ugly kitchen


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