Outdoor Furniture Care

March 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Living in San Diego we are spoiled enough to be able to enjoy our patio furniture all year round.  However, with anything we value and want to prolong the life of there are certain ways we should care for our outdoor furniture. Here are some outdoor furniture care & maitenance tips to help you get the most life out of your patio furniture.

For Powder Coated Cast Aluminum furniture we recommend washing with a mild liquid soap. If the furniture is scratched down to the metal, we recommend lightly sanding the area then applying the touch up paint. When applying touch up paint, all surfaces must be completely clean & dry before applying.

It’s best to cover the furniture when not in use for an extended period of time.

Never leave furniture standing in water.

Never use automotive cleaners on furniture.

For granite table tops, in order to maintain and preserve the appearance and resistance to staining, reseal the table top annually using a penetrating stone sealer.  For routine cleaning, use a mild soap and water solution with a soft cloth. Rinse and dry thoroughly.  Spills should be wiped up promptly.  Red wine and citrus juice left for extended periods of time can affect the natual stones and appearance and resistance to stain.

For cushions and pillows, first clean by brushing off any loose dirt, then with a mild soap and water mixture, brush them clean.  Make sure to use a soft bristle brush or sponge and air dry.  Hand wash only and hang to dry.  Do not use a washing machine or dryer.Outdoor Furniture Care - Quality patio Furnitureoutdoor furniture care - quality patio furniture


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