How to tell the quality of a sofa

February 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

So we say it all the time and we know furniture shopping can be hard, especially when it comes to sofas.  Not only are there a zillion styles to choose from but they also range from $199 a sofa to $5,000 a sofa. How do you tell the quality? Here are some of our tips to helping our customers tell the quality of a sofa and getting more when they are paying more.

1.) Ask about the wood of the frame. Is it made out of kiln-dried hardwood? This process of drying the wood removes the moisture out of wood allowing it to keep its stability over time.

2.) Check the matching of the pattern of the fabrics. Does the pattern on the back of the sofa match the cushions? Are the stripes aligned at the edges? A mark of quality construction is the careful matching of patterns.

3.) Inspect the joints. Are they glued, dowelled & screwed? Or are they glued & nailed? Are the further reinforced by additional reinforcing blocks?

4.) Ask about the spring system used.  Does it have sinuous spring construction?  Sinuous springs are “S” shaped and run from the front of the seat to the back.  These springs are supported by additional wires that run side to side, making it a strong seat.

5.) What’s in your cushions?  There are many different options for cushion fills from standard foam seats, to channel blown fiber, to feather down blends seats…you have your pick of what you want to sit on everyday.  Just make sure it’s not filled with peanuts.  Check to make sure they are reversible. If it’s foam is it dacron wrapped?

6.) Try picking up the sofa.  There is a correlation with the weight of a sofa with quality.  The heavier it is the higher quality it is.

7.) Ask about the warranty.

All in all, obviously what you pay for is often what you get.  If you are spending $500 for a sofa it might be a great deal but don’t expect it to be comfortable for a very long time or last you a very long time.  Quality doesn’t come cheap especially in sofas.


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