Latex vs. Memory Foam Part 2: Lying Sensation

December 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

So you’re shopping for a new mattress and you’re not sure where to start? You’ve heard a lot about memory foam & tempurpedic mattress but there’s this new upcoming latex mattress too, which one should you get?  Don’t worry we hear it all the time.  Hopefully in this 6 part series we can help show you some of the differences, pros & cons between latex mattresses and memory foam mattress.

Part 2: Lying Sensation

Since both memory foam & latex mattresses provide similar contouring capabilities and pressure relief technologies, their feel can be similar  However memory foam is known to have a more cloud like sensation where as latex has a more springy sensation.  Latex is also more solid and therefore tends to feel a bit firmer as well.  Of course there are may different levels of memory foam as well as latex that change the plushness & firmness of both mattresses significantly.


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