How to Shop for Furniture: Tips on Shopping for Furniture

November 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

How to Measure for Furniture

Measure measure measure! I can’t even tell you how many times we’ll go through the whole process of picking out the perfect pieces of furniture for a customer, select all the right colors, configure pieces to work within their budget, pick the right fabrics and incorporate all the elements of texture, just to find out it won’t fit in their space.  Don’t worry, if this is you, we still love you but save us and you a little time and energy and measure your space before you go shopping for furniture. Not sure what do you need to measure?  Here are some tips on how to measure your space to shop for furniture.

1.) Do it once and keep it further reference. Do it thoroughly and you shouldn’t have to do it again….at least for the same space.
2.) Measure width, length & diagonal width.
3.)  Make sure you measure all doorways, entries, passages, & stairways your furniture has to fit through to get to its permanent home. Measure height, width and diagonal length.
4.) Make note of any diagonals or areas where the furniture needs to turn
5.)  Measure the length from the entrance to the far wall. This will give you the amount of space you will have to maneuver your furniture to place it in the room.
6.) Measure the length & width
7.) Measure the height of the walls
8.) Measure all windows, radiators, doorways, fireplaces of any other architectural features.

9.) For windows make sure you measure the total window width, measure the height from the floor, along with the total window height.

Hope this helps! Contact us for more furniture buying tips!



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