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Don’t forget we are holding a toy drive in our showroom throughout the entire holiday season! Bring an new unwrapped toy to our showroom to be donated to It’s All About the Kids Foundation!


Are you a hot sleeper? Check out our new Comforpedic Loft Mattresses!

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It’s totally gross but we sweat about 4 gallons a month as normal sleepers….I can’t even imagine what that would be like if you were a hot sleeper.  Which is why we are stoked Simmons introduced a upgrade version of their comforpedic lofts.  All the benefits of memory foam but no where near as hot!

Is bonded leather real leather?

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Bonded Leather Sectional BlackWe’re always asked.  Is bonded leather real leather? And the answer is no.  But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Bonded leather is  made by taking left over scraps, shredding them into fibers, adding binders and placing them onto a leather backing. A layer of polyurethane is then deposited onto the bonded layer and then stamped to give it a more leather like appearance.  After the whole process is finished bonded leather contains about 15-17% real leather. So is this good or bad?  Well, it depends.  Here are the pros and cons.


1.) Looks like leather and cleans like leather
2.) Way cheaper than leather – it’s about 1/3 – 2/3 of the cost of real leather depending on the quality of the bonded leather
3.)  Eco-friendly because it re-uses the scraps that would normally be deposited.


1.) It won’t last and wear like leather and scratches will show through to the backing of the material

The verdict:

If you’re looking for a reasonable priced sofa/ sectional with the look & feel of leather than bonded leather may just be your answer….but only if you only intend to keep for 5-7 years.  Leather will last a lifetime while bonded leather won’t.

We hope this breakdown helps those contemplating bonded leather vs. real leather.  For some examples of bonded leather furniture check out our website.

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas & Setting Guidelines

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The knife, fork & spoon got into a fight.  The knife & spoon were “right” so the fork “left”.  Even to this day, 20 years since I first learned it, I still use it when remembering how to set a dinner table. When it comes to holiday dinners we like them to be casual, but that doesn’t mean plastic cups and utensils. Even if a dinner is informal, it’s good to know the general (but absolutely not hard and fast) ground rules for setting a table and where everything, from the different plates to the wine glasses, should go. So here’s the breakdown for you.

Thanksgiving Table Setting

Plates. The dinner plate goes, of course, in the center of a place setting while bread plates are often placed left of the dinner plate. Chargers, a larger plate that is placed underneath the dinner plate sometimes, is generally used as a decoration so it’s never actually used.Forks. Forks should always be placed left of the dinner plate. A lot of times there are separate forks for the salad and the main course. When that’s the case, the fork farthest from the dinner plate is the salad fork. You would start there and work your way in. Dessert forks should be placed above the dinner plate, however.

Knives. Knives should be place to the right of the dinner plate and just like forks, there are (apparently) salad knives. The same rules apply. Work your way from the outside.

Spoons. Soup spoons tend to go with knives to the right of the dinner plate while dessert and coffee spoons are usually placed just above the dinner plate.

Glasses. Glasses and stemware should be placed just above the knives to the right of the dinner plate. Smaller glasses are usually used for water whereas the larger ones are for wine.

Napkins. Napkins often are place in one of two places: On top of the dinner plate or under the forks to the left hand side of the plate.

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas
Now that you have the guidelines for setting your Holiday table.  Here are some Thanksgiving table settings we love!

Thanksgiving Table Setting

Thanksgiving Table Setting

Thanksgiving Table Setting

Thanksgiving Table Setting

Pictures From Motherhubbard

It’s starting to be that time of year again! San Diego Toy Drive!

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It’s that time of year again to give! And this year we’re giving in a form of a Toy Drive. There’s nothing like giving to those that need it to make someone feel all warm & fuzzy.   It’s All About the Kids is a San Diego based organization that is committed to the advancement of children through the joining of arts, music, and the generosity of corporations and individuals and we love what they are all about! Which is why we love partnering with them.  Bring an unwrapped toy to our showroom to be donated to It’s All About the Kids and receive 15% OFF your entire purchase that day!

San Diego Toy Drive

San Diego Furniture Confession

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So I was thinking about all my furniture and what we’ve been through together through the years.  All our ups & downs, highs & lows and thought it’d be kind of fun to put together my list of furniture confessions.  One day I may grow up and actually own grown-up furniture.

– In college I bought a used mattress off of Craig’s List….I did it again when I graduated…kind of gross…
–  I have a hole in the bench at the end of my bed and I keep it covered will a pillow cover…ghetto?
–  I use a full size comforter on my california king size bed.
–  I found a nightstand on the side of the road labeled “FREE” and used it for years as an end table

What are yours?  Submit them to be featured in our log of Furniture Confessions!

Tips & Tricks for Small Spaces

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Sometimes I wonder why I live in San Diego just because the spaces are small.  But then all I need is a weekend away in Portland, where it’s gray, cloudy & rainy EVERY single day to remember why I love it here so much…..sorry Grace….I probably won’t move soon. 🙂 So while I’m pretty much stuck here because I love the sun I figured I better learn some tips & tricks to makes making my tiny little apartment feel & look much bigger.

Tip 1: If you’re putting curtains over your windows, extend the rod slightly outside the frame of the window.  Using sheer drapes also let more light int which will automatically increase the feel of your room.

small space design

Tip 2: Mirrors have always been a tried & true way to open up space.  Creating reflections help increase depth.  I love this over sized leaning mirror.  It not only creates a reflection but it also serves as the space’s focal point.apartment furniture


Tip 3: People often think pushing all your furniture to the walls makes the room look bigger when it fact it actually makes it feel colder.  Try centering your furniture & arranging them at angles. Triangle shapes tend to invite conversation.

arranging furniture san diego

Check out our website or like us on facebook for flexible furniture for small spaces.

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