Fun Furniture Trivia

September 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Who says furniture can’t be fun?  JK….we all know furniture shopping sucks but here’s a a little trivia to make you just a little more educated on your next furniture shopping experience.

1.)      What is an ottoman?

2.)     A divan is: a kind of chair, a kind of bed, a fast food joint that sits on water, a kind of table.

3.)     Which of the following will always be found outside the house? High-backed Chair, Rocking Chair, an Adirondack Chair, Dan after a long night of Dj’ing

4.)     Which of the following is NOT seating furniture? Settee, Chaise, Dan after a long night DJ’ing, Sideboard

5.)     True or False – Babies are born without knee caps

6.)     What are veneers?

7.)     What is chippendale?

8.)     True or False – It is impossible to lick your elbow

9.)     What US state is known as the furniture capital of the world?

10.)  What is the official time frame of a “jiffy”?


Stay tuned for the answers…. 🙂


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