Add some sexiness & drama to the bedroom!

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Want to add some drama back into the bedroom?!



Purple Passion!

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I love how Alice Walker said, “I think it pisses God off when you by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it”.  So true!!! If you’re using purple you’re making a statement! The color purple is comforting, spiritual, mysterious, restful, creative, & artistic and can work just about anywhere! Unlike most other colors we can design our homes with, purple has the ability to be cool and warm depending on the other colors it’s combined with.

It’s said purple encourages imagination and can draw out the creative in all of us!In the kitchen, purple used is often associated with wine and grapes, and accentuates an Italian themed kitchen design. I love the contrast of the plum chairs and white dining table. Gorgeous!
Purple Dining Room
Purple Elegant BedroomPurple kids bedroom

Fun Furniture Trivia

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Who says furniture can’t be fun?  JK….we all know furniture shopping sucks but here’s a a little trivia to make you just a little more educated on your next furniture shopping experience.

1.)      What is an ottoman?

2.)     A divan is: a kind of chair, a kind of bed, a fast food joint that sits on water, a kind of table.

3.)     Which of the following will always be found outside the house? High-backed Chair, Rocking Chair, an Adirondack Chair, Dan after a long night of Dj’ing

4.)     Which of the following is NOT seating furniture? Settee, Chaise, Dan after a long night DJ’ing, Sideboard

5.)     True or False – Babies are born without knee caps

6.)     What are veneers?

7.)     What is chippendale?

8.)     True or False – It is impossible to lick your elbow

9.)     What US state is known as the furniture capital of the world?

10.)  What is the official time frame of a “jiffy”?


Stay tuned for the answers…. 🙂

A taste of home…with furniture!

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Hey Ya’ll!! I used to watch Paula Deen put 8 pounds of the butter in her recipes and think, “man this woman sure knows how to make something taste amazing!” Never in a million years would I think she would get into the furniture business but am I sure glad she did! When you think of Paula Deen you think of down home goodness, tradition, comfort & warmth. And all these things that we just know & love about Paula Deen’s cooking is also transferred into her furniture. Working with the Universal designers, the inspiration behind her collection is taken directly from her Savannah home; plantation style antiques, coastal design, and of course, Savannah’s own distinctive character. We are absolutely loving the furniture in our showroom! Beautifully distressed cabinets in antique finishes, our favorite is the Bag Lady, named after her first restaurant. Come check out her collection yourself in our showroom! We know you’ll love it as much as we do!

Paula Deen Steel Magnolia Bed

Paula Deen Home Bag Lady Chest

Paula Deen Kitchen Island

Paula Deen Home Furniture

End of Summer = Sea World Adventure

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Sometimes working in retail makes it super hard to get out and enjoy all that San Diego has to offer.  Which is why when we all the opportunity to spend the last days of summer at Sea World we were on it! There’s a reason why we live in San Diego and I’m always so happy when we decide to take advantage of it! And the best part, now we have season passes for the rest of the year!  The only show we got to see was Shamoo Rocks, so you know I gotta go back for the others! Just thought we’d share our pics! 

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