Searching for what’s real

June 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s been three weeks and exactly one day since I was adopted into the Real Deal family and I’m so happy to be here! 😉 How I got here is actually a story in and of itself that will be probably be in a separate post shortly but in three short weeks I’ve learned some quite valuable lessons that anyone part of the Real Deal family should know.

Ten things I’ve learned at Real Deal:

1. Family is number one! Always!

2. When it comes to food sharing is caring and there’s plenty of caring here to make me fat!

3. Business is all about relationships. You can’t have a successful business if you don’t have successful relationships.

4. When it comes to someone’s furniture, it is a big deal and nothing means more than meaning what you say and saying what you mean and then delivering on it all.

5. When you need a minute to get away, just stare at the fish…they’ll always make you smile.

6. The phones will never stop ringing….ever!

7. Change can be hard but unless you’re willing to get a little uncomfortable, you’ll never grow.

8. You CAN have enough candy and you will when you spend all day in the showroom.

9. All  good things have missions and I like our mission here.

10. Working together as a team is always better, for us and for our customers.


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